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Organizing academia one paper at a time.

Categories are first organized by academic discipline, Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, Applied Sciences, Jobs/Postdocs. Then Phenomena pages are linked to in multiple academic disciplines to encourage cross-fertilization between disciplines. Finally Parameter pages are used to topically organized journal article titles and associated summaries of the relevance to that particular parameter.

1. The first method is to pick a well developed area of research and selectively pick out the few most relevant papers on that subject. Historical progression by date is strongly encouraged. This first approach looks like CRISPR notice that CRISPR ends where CRISPR Cas 9 begins.

2. The second method is to create a lot of subcategories that are on less developed areas, in which case there is no possibility of choosing relevant papers as there are only a few to begin with: for example nanisivik pyrite. This second approach addresses the four evils in academia:

1.) Literature Reviews are regularly performed and then discarded instead of being shared (dead-weight loss).

2.) Obscure journal articles do not receive the attention they deserve.

3.) PhD theses are not promoted in any form of journal, and so those most in need of publicity go without.

4.) Negative research results go unpublished: this is a place to share them using the "Project" page described below.

OLReview is to graduate school what wikipedia is to undergrad.

3. The final way to use this site is to start a Project page: simply begin the title with Project: DNA sequencing by intercalated flourescent metal ion-ligand conjugation sensitive to the local chemical enviorment.

How to organize:

1.) Find or categorize the phenomena according to academic discipline. Not sure what to do? Ask a question by editing the page Questions.

2.) Take a phenomena and a related parameter of interest and combine them into the title of a new page: phenomena and parameter An example of a phenomena is static electricity. A relevant parameter would be generators. Static electricity generators There are several types of static electricity generators, which would then be listed on this page, each one having more sub-parameters to explore. This expansive system should enable any literature review or journal article to be properly associated.

The phenomena page is the bottleneck in the hour-glass shaped file structure: the wide ends are academic disciplines above and parameter pages below. So phenomena are categorized according to academic disciplines before parameters fragment the phenomena according to distinct types of the phenomena and ultimately according to unique approaches to the types of phenomena. This is designed so that academic disciplines create unifying phenomena pages to maximize collaboration and eliminate fragmentation into separate academic disciplines.

There are two use cases: Literature Review and Article Promotion

How to do a literature search

Rules: Be patient with any good-faith edit.

Promotion of OLR

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