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Too often an abstract is little more than a list of concepts.

Article Promotion involves creating summary pages that consist of all the summaries on parameter pages for that title compiled into one page: thus providing an overview of the article that is more in-depth than an abstract, but still only a paragraph in size.

A parameter is a concept mentioned in the abstract.

Summarizing how the article relates to these parameters is the job of parameter pages.

Collecting all of these summaries for a given article is what summary pages are for.

Use the "what links here" (left hand column) on an article pages to find already filled out parameters for a paper you are trying to promote. Otherwise create the parameter pages.

This is promotion in that every parameter that links to your summary page is free publicity.

This is promotion in that every summary page help people discover what your journal article is about without actually reading your paper and gaining more than an abstract.

A link to your paper DOI/arxiv is recommended on each summary page, and can be placed on parameter pages as well--as long as accompanied by a summary and title in [[]].